ESCALATE took center stage at this year’s Annual POLIS Conference in Leuven! The event, organised by our project partner POLIS, provided an outstanding platform for showcasing our project to a diverse audience of mobility enthusiasts and decision-makers.

At the conference, ESCALATE made its mark among other pioneering transportation projects at the POLIS stand. Attendees had the opportunity to delve into various aspects of our project, including:

  • The visionary objectives driving ESCALATE
  • The diverse and impactful partnerships
  • The cutting-edge innovations that set us apart
  • The compelling high-impact pilots

ESCALATE is driving innovation through a series of five Heavy-Duty Vehicle (HDV) pilots, strategically designed to elevate the innovation design framework through Multidimensional Innovative Behavior (MIB). How? By intentionally fostering collaboration among manufacturers, end-users, and implementers.

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