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After eight months of joint efforts, ESCALATE proudly presents its inaugural newsletter. This endeavor aims to serve as the nexus for our latest developments, pertinent events, and, above all, to shine a spotlight on our strategic mission to revolutionize the world of heavy-duty vehicle decarbonization.


An Insight into ESCALATE

Fueled by Horizon Europe, ESCALATE is on a mission to shrink the carbon footprint of the freight industry. We are putting zero-emission Heavy Duty Vehicle (zHDV) powertrains to the test in real-world, long-haul conditions, spanning an intensive four-year endeavor.

Our ambition is to showcase powertrains tailored for long-haul excellence—capable of conquering an impressive 800 kilometers without pause for refueling or recharging. On top of that, we are targeting a remarkable daily average of 500 kilometers under actual operational conditions. The foundation of our project rests on pioneering concepts across three vital innovation domains:

  1. Streamlined, meticulously designed, cost-effective modular, and scalable multi-powertrain components.
  2. Swift refueling and grid-compatible charging solutions.
  3. Intelligent Digital Twin and AI-based management tools that factor in capacity, availability, speed, charging infrastructure characteristics, and fleet configurations.
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To extend our reach to a broader audience, ESCALATE has unveiled its debut newsletter. Its mission? To introduce the project in a holistic way! Dive deep into its pages to explore:

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