Route 1- UK: Dundee – Southampton – Paris (800 Km)

Route 2 – Germany: Flensburg – Worth (Karlsruhe) (800 Km)

Battery-electric Refrigerator Truck – Trailer powered via Rooftop Photovoltaic Solar Panels & Short Charging Time 

Vehicle group: 10 VECTO

Specific Objective

The Electra pilot aims to overcome the technological barriers associated with the development of a commercially viable, highly efficient electric refrigerated truck for long-distance and local distribution with a payload of over 40 t and its seamless integration into mixed fleets through: Modular e-axle with WBG inverter technology, fast-charging modular solid-state battery, roof-mounted photovoltaic solar panels, optimal onboard energy control and a unique auxiliary power unit to minimise the power demand for the refrigeration system with a data-driven e-powertrain ageing algorithm for the e-drive unit.

  • Specific Challenge: Demonstration of 40t b-HDV prototype with 800 km range, with fast charging solution. Vehicle: Packaging of modular battery pack for long haul application. 
  • Component: Platform independent modular components with fast charging capability. 
  • Logistics: Range and weight limitation. 
  • Demonstrator Vehicle: Fully electric refrigerator (6×2) truck and a drawbar trailer (3 axle) with a rooftop photovoltaic solar panels

Proposed Innovations: 

  • Modular, Efficient & Light Weight e- Powertrain (Modular lightweight battery + SiC e-axle); 
  • Innovative Cooling Management System; 
  • Data based e-Powertrain Aging Algorithm; 
  • AI-Predictive Maintenance Algorithm;
  • Mix fleet-specific Flexible Managerial Tool; 
  • Demonstration of Fast Charging Concept with Overall 
    Charge Efficiency > 80% (400 km in 45 min); 
  • AI-based Adaptive Energy Management Algorithm. 

Overall: integration of motor, inverter, transmission and carrier into the e-Axle housing to enable packaging in existing vehicles, also transmission and geared carrier development and integration, transmission controller and software development, lightweight brake development, system validation and supply chain selection and development will be performed. 17Xe ePowertrain system will deliver up to 430kW of continuous power with a 800V rated electric motor for ELCT truck.

Scenario P4.1 Cross-border

  • Route: Germany Flensburg to Worth (Karlsruhe) Daimler Trucks Factory in Germany; 
  • Scenario: The envisioned scenario is temperature controlled long-distance transportation via battery-electric truck which has a built-in refrigeration system to keep the products at a desired temperature level throughout the overall transportation process.
Scenario P4.2 Daily Operation: 
  • Route: Dundee to Southampton;
  • Scenario: The envisioned scenario is local distribution of temperature sensitive good for 500+ km daily operation.
KPIs with Targeted Values: 
  • KPI-1: Energy efficiency >82%; 
  • KPI-2: 800 km range; 
  • KPI-3: Energy consumption <120 kWh/100km (100-140) 
  • KPI-4:TCO <200k€; 
  • KPI-5: Maintenance costs <0.35 €/km; 
  • KPI-6: Load Capacity > 90%