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To coincide with the General Meeting in December, France Hydrogène is organising a morning of conferences on the major issues facing the industry, aimed at all its members and partners, on 7 December 2023 from 9am to 12.30pm in Paris and live on our YouTube channel “Solutions Hydrogène“.

This annual France Hydrogène event is a must for bringing together our members and the key players in the industry to discuss the key issues of the past year and the prospects for hydrogen deployment in the coming years. Networking and exchanges are also at the heart of this day.

Hydrogen: new context, new challenges

France’s ambitions, announced in 2020 and updated this year, position the country as one of the leaders in carbon-free hydrogen in Europe and the world. In fact, key equipment gigafactories are coming on stream; a network of SMEs and SMIs is rapidly taking shape in the regions; national R&D&I is among the best in the world; and France’s low-carbon electricity mix offers an opportunity to be one of the world’s leading producers of clean hydrogen.

The development of hydrogen, which is essential to the ecological transition and an issue of energy and industrial sovereignty, is now taking place in a globalised and competitive context. In order to build on the solid foundations laid since its launch, France’s strategy needs to position itself in this rapidly evolving European and international context.

“Under what conditions can France maintain its position as one of the world’s leading low-carbon hydrogen countries? What are the levers of competitiveness? What challenges remain?”

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