Istanbul – Sofia (510 Km)

Battery eTruck with high efficiency modular powertrain

Vehicle group: 10 VECTO

Specific Objective: To overcome the technological and cost barriers of b-HDV. To overcome these barriers fast charging capable modular battery packs with adaptive battery management system+ cost effective light weight modular high efficiency EM+real-time capable energy optimisation algorithm and thermal managemnt algorithm will be brought together. To enhance the availability and faster adaption by the end-user based on their needs and requirements ( DHL) PdM algorithm and ZEV specific tools will be developed and integrated. Fast charging capable modular battery packs (BPs) will also offer high operational flexibility and short charging times.

  • Specific Challenge: Demonstration of 40t flexible b-HDV prototype with 500 km range, and high operational flexibility.
  • Vehicle: For MBT pilot one of the most common truck which belongs to Vecto 10 is selected (pls see next figure)

Proposed Innovations

  • Rare-earth Magnet Free Center driven Modular, 
  • Highly Efficient EM & Light Weight Modular BPs; 
  • Data based e-Powertrain Aging Algorithm; 
  • AI-Predictive Maintenance Algorithm; 
  • ZEV-specific Flexible Managerial Tool, 
  • AI-based Adaptive Energy Management Algorithm.

Scenario P3.1 Cross-Border

  • Route: Turkey (Istanbul) – end-user (Sofia) Bulgaria; 
  • Scenario: The operation will
    be performed with a 40t 6×2 battery truck starting from the DHL Warehouse to deliver goods to customers in
    Bulgaria region; 
  • Mission: Long-Haul Transport with GVW at 40 tons. The cross-border use cases will complement
    the long-haul use case. This ensures high utilization of the HDV during the pilot based on the real needs of DHL. 
  • Operator: DHL; 
  • Driving profile: Missions will be 500 km;

KPIs with Targeted Values: 

  • KPI-1: Energy efficiency >82%; 
  • KPI-2: 800 km range; 
  • KPI-3: Energy consumption <120 kWh/100km, 
  • KPI-4: TCO <200k€; 
  • KPI-5: Maintenance costs <0.35 €/km; 
  • KPI-6: Delivery Load Capacity > 90%;