Within the scope of the HORIZON-CL5-2022-D5-01-08 call, ESCALATE has detailed smart objectives to achieve the vision and mission outlined. The main aim of the project is to develop the maturity level of innovative modular HW and data-driven SW components from TRL5/6-TRL7/8 and implement, demonstrate, and evaluate them within pilots and through DT early in the design phase. The means to achieve the goals and KPIs are listed below:

Objective 1 (O1)

 Development and demonstration of ground-breaking high-efficiency long-haul b-HDV, f-HDV and r-HDV at a minimum GVW of 40t with 800km unrefueled/uncharged range under real-world operational conditions (comparable to VECTO long haul mission profile) through: [WP2, 3, 4, 5, 6]

Objective 2 (O2)

 Development and demonstration of cost-effective standardized modular electric multi-powertrains in real-world conditions for a minimum 500 km daily operation under full load for 6 months (considering the regulations) across Europe through: [WP3, 5, 6]


Objective 3 (O3)

 Development and demonstration of connected grid-friendly (multi) energy fast charging concepts and solutions through: [WP4, 5, 6]



Objective 4 (O4)

Seamless integration and fluid operation of Zero-emission HDV fleets both en-route (TEN-T and highway hubs) and in the storage depots/logistics hubs through [WP5, 7]


Objective 5 (O5)

 Development of 5 Trustworthy Modular Digital Twins of demonstrator vehicles for early identification and assessment of “Innovations True Value” (impact assessment+ valuation) in the context of 2Zero targets, continuous optimization and LCA through: [WP5, 6, 7]



Objective 6 (O6)

Global Leadership for European Automotive, Logistics, and Infrastructure & Powering EU Absolute Zero Future through: [All WPs]